Saturday, September 24, 2005

Miss President is Braindead.

Oh, I am so glad it is Friday.

I started a new job this week. It's really been a tiring and stressful week for me, with orientation and the start of training. I have an additional week of training and then I have to take an exam on everything I've learned, both book and practical. If I pass, I go on 'probation' for 3 months to make sure that I don't make any really big mistakes before they let me loose on the world. There is a lot to learn. Most of it is repetition, which I know I will eventually get the hang of, but for right now some things just seem very overwhelming. In the affirmative, I will say, though, that the people I have been working with are really great and I discovered a very sweet and beautiful bouquet of daisies and flowers waiting for me at home on Monday afternoon from the same someone who also gave me an adorable Haloween kitty as a "congratulations on getting hired!" surprise. (Don't you think daisies are the friendliest flower?) :)

Today was particularly stressful in that the girl who is training me was out sick and they were rather short-staffed on a busy day. I wished I could help, but other than some menial tasks, I couldn't. Then, my new manager (I am being trained down the street from where I will actually work) came to say hello and threw me off-guard and into an awkward situation by asking me what my availability is (as in other than hours I was hired for) - and that means that I might have to work later on Wednesdays now in addition to some Fridays and some Saturdays... (which really bites!) ...but I'm going to see if I can retract that statement, because it's the only night out of the week that I won't have something. I think I will have to make up an excuse to save my mental health. So I ended up doing some major stress-eating today (bought myself Pringles and chocolate) and had to take a nap before going out tonight.

But really, all I have wanted is a hug. Are there any available out there?

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