Thursday, November 30, 2006

suioghisvghkieier i eioshegigehishjies iesfoi

brain. is. completely. fried.

Budget time. four schools. unknown/unclear procedures. Unknown $ amounts. pressure to finish yesterday. holiday concerts. multiple schools. if it's friday, it must be 4. 18 songs, one more time with each class and one "big" rehearsal before performing. chorus with memorization issues. 5th grade with motivation issues. fourth grade with rhythm issues. second and third grades with size issues. first grade mostly fine, but antsy. kindergarten = no attention span and overcrowding. other school also time issues. really, time issues everywhere.

stress. frustration. confusion. fear. anger. tiredness. disapointment. anxiety

two good things: today is payday. tomorrow at 3 it is the weekend.

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