Thursday, December 07, 2006

Holiday Spirit

The Christmas season is always a tough and busy one for a lot of people. With my new job, I've got my fingers in four holiday concerts. In two of those I seem to be the ringmaster! Neefless to say, it makes the time you actually get to enjoy the holidays go onto the back burner. That's dissapointing...

However, last Friday night was different. Matt surprised me by taking me to one of the "Champagne and Candlelight" evenings at Skylands Manor. It's such a beautiful spot, and even more beautiful when it is completely decorated! Each room has a different theme - the entire house theme this year was "Believe." There was a music room, an outdoor-themed Fairy room, one room with full sized snow-covered trees and a one-horse open sleigh (and a lute player!) and many others. It was really lovely - the only thing we could have wished for was some real snow - but alas it was at least 60 degrees outside!

The only frustration was that we couldn't find the pickle... they had one of those traditional pickles that you hide on the tree - whoever finds it gets one year of good luck. We searched and searched... but alas, no pickle! There were just too many places to look!

I still think we'll have good luck, though. And a little Christmas spirit.

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