Monday, March 12, 2007

Sheep in A Jeep...

My dear Sheep-in-a-Jeep has been a constant companion since we met in the late spring of 2003. We've been on a lot of adventures together - thousands of miles of road - and some dirt and gravel too! It unfortunately has been converted into a traveling office since I started at my new job, but still manages to maintain some fun, too - including toting around a book which inspired its name!

Well, the big reason that I am posting about my Jeep is not because I am infatuated with my car. It's beacuse I am less than three payments away from owning it outright! Woo hoo! It will be completely paid off over a year before the last scheduled payment is due. It sounds a little silly, but I am very proud of myself - when I signed all of that paperwork, it seemed like it would be forever until I was done making payments. And the end is now in sight! Now I can take that money and save it... Oh, joy! :) :)

(Well... most of it. I might actually invest a little of it back into Sheep... and buy skid plates and tow hooks so I can really go and play in the dirt! I want to go to one of these, but I'm not outfitted to do it... yet!)

Pic from World Wide Photography

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