Monday, January 14, 2008

A Kathleen Kelly moment....

I was in Borders over the weekend with a group of friends on our way to feast on amazing Indian food. While wandering away from the group, I found myself in front of the customer service desk when a young mom asked the associate, "Do you have Matilda?" She further indicated that it was a children's book.

The young man at the counter said he thought so, but he would check it out. He started to type in the title into the computer, but was unsure how to spell it, so he hesitated.

Before I realized, I said, "Matilda was written by Roald Dahl."

"Roald Dahl??" said the vague voice of the sales associate, deleting his typing from the screen.

"D-A-H-L. That's how you spell it."

The mom and I then chatted for a moment about how great the book is - her daughter loves it and has borrowed it twice from the library, but now wants her own copy. I love that. :)

I walked away and had to laugh to myself about the circumstances. I think it might be fun to own a children's book shop.

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