Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Bargain Hunting Girl spies a Victory!

After a lovely day today with my smacky and two adorable babies, the Woods and I went out to dinner. In the same parking lot is a supermarket, in which I had to go before driving home. Since I have been lugging around bottles from my favorite Polar Seltzer (not available at home!) since my last visit in July, I wanted to redeem them. While I was in there, I thought to buy some more. As I approached the display, I saw, to my miraculous wonder, that they had coupons attached to the bottles, making them FREE (5 cent deposit only). So I bought 12. :)

to recap:
I redeemed 12 seltzer bottles (plus one other soda bottle) for a total of 65 cents.
I bought 12 seltzer bottles at 4/$2, plus deposits... $6.60
I had six coupons that said "Buy two, get $1 off", for a total of $6 in coupons
I got a total of -5 cents... so they gave me 12 liters of seltzer and a nickel! What joy!

...maybe I should go back tomorrow on my way home and get more....

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