Wednesday, March 23, 2005

One Year

One year ago today, my poor little Jeep and I were in an accident. The stupid %$@*&! that hit me claimed no responsibility for it and his insurance company refused to pay for my claim. So my insurance company sued him. (Extra info: He got booted from his insurance after our accident... especially since it was his third accident at age 21 and the previous one was just a few days before...) I ended up being without my baby for 6 weeks while insurance companies duked it out - but at least I got a Jaguar to drive for a week (woo hoo! Talk about posh!) and then a TrailBlazer as a replacement rental while I waited. All in all, I am certainly thankful that only cars got hurt, not any people. But I was still angry about it!

So after a long wait, I finally got word the other day (Monday, I think) that it was finally settled. The stupidhead's insurance company finally agreed to pay, after lawyer intervention. I got a check from my insurance company for my deductable... minus $175+ in lawyer costs.

... I consider that a small price to pay for my insurance not going up. :) I'm just happy that it's over.

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