Thursday, March 31, 2005

Vroom Vroom....

Over a week ago, I got an invitation in the mail from my dear friends at Jeep. They invited me to come to "Camp Jeep NY" at the New York International Auto Show... for free! So I picked a day, rsvp'd, and went - last night.

Picked up Matt at work (the ticket being for "you and a guest") and drove to the ferry. The terminal is conveniently accross the street from where we needed to be, so we crossed over and walked to the big building that said "JEEP" on it. We were directed where to sign in, received light-up-magnet pins, and went in. The Camp Jeep Pavillion was incredible! There was live music, a rock wall, remote-controlled Jeeps, video games, an area for kids to ride the little power-wheel Jeeps, and the most amazing thing.... an indoor off-road course!!!!! Of course, we immediately got on line to wait our turn.

Obviously (and unfortunately!) you were only able to be passangers on the ride - but we hopped into a Wrangler and set off. They showed off how they handle on uneven terrain, inclines/declines (45 degrees!), water, etc. It was amazingly fun! :)

Other highlights of the show (once we stopped playing with the Jeeps, that is!) included:
* getting little pen holders in the shape of a VW bug convertable
* finding out that I am a "Passionate Investigative Pioneer" from Land Rover (What are you? Check here to find out!)
* a Volvo driving safety simulator
* getting golf umbrellas and waterbottles from Suzuki after the 1st bottle broke!

* getting another manual-driving-lesson.... including freaking out on a real road and not being able to get the car to start moving again!

I'm sure I'm forgetting things, so I may edit later!

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