Friday, March 18, 2005

Reason No.497

(aka another reason why I can't wait until June 22)

In the world of teaching, as in many other fields, we are expected to accrue professional development hours within the field. This can be done in a number of ways, like taking graduate classes ot through workshops. Being a music teacher, the workshops that are of any use to me are few and far between, making me want to jump at any opportunity when it arises. I went to the state music educator's convention last month to rack up some hours (I think I got 14 or 15?) and while there I saw a thing for a workshop next month, sponsored by the book publisher that I use. The workshop is completely FREE to attend - and they feed you and give you stuff to take home. I was pretty psyched, especially since my district didn't even pay for half of the convention's price. So, I put in the paperwork request to attend.

I got denied. When I asked why, I was told that because I had gone to the 2 day workshop, I was not allowed to use any other professional days this year. Now here's the kicker... the second day of the convention ended up being a snow day at work... so they didn't have school and didn't have to get a substitute, meaning that I only took one professional day instead of 2!! I brought up this fact to the big boss (in a 'second request' note), hoping that the light would go on and they would give me the OK to go.

Nine days later (nice and prompt,eh?), I got a typed response back, dening me yet again and saying I was already had my 2 days. Don't they understand English? Now I am going to get jipped out of my second day because they say I can only have the two due to the budget crunch. And at this point, if I took a sick day on that day, they would know I wasn't sick. And, best of all, that note got sent to my principal and put into my personnel file.

Oh, June, please come quick! It doesn't matter that I don't know what June 23 will bring!

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