Thursday, November 17, 2005

Lunch with the Dutchess, Chocolate and paying Rent... in Manhattan on Veterans Day

This post has been in production for a few days. It should have been posted much earlier this week. Thank you. :)

Considering the fact that I had the day off, I was invited to go on an adventure. I was told very little about it, other than to be ready at a specific time and to be dressed in a) good walking shoes, b) a warm coat, and c) the "female equivalent of a suit."

And so it began. We got in the car and drove to the ferry. Being a beautiful day, we sat up on top, enjoying the view. Once at the opposite terminal, we picked up a taxi and went cross-town... to the place where we had reservations to have lunch. What a shock, a surprise... amazing! Delicious food, amazing service (from a waiter who didn't think we ate enough!), a fantastic view, interesting people-watching opportunities, and the Dutchess of York... who was dining in the same room, not with us, of course!

As if this was not enough, the day continued. We took the subway to the beautiful Grand Central Terminal to check out the Whispering Gallery. It was at Grand Central that I had to make a decision... flowers or chocolate. I picked the latter... but it was a hard choice! Very interesting - lots of people, lots of things to see, lots of samples to taste! Decadence, gluttony, indulgence... mmmmm...

Next, it was time to hop the tube again in order to get to a place where one can find virtually anything, including dinner. It was a lovely meal, followed by some browsing in a store that is more overwhelming than anything else!

But, oh, the day is still not quite over. One more trip on the subway took us to the heart of the theatre district. We crossed the street and were walking by the Nederlander Theatre when I found myself being led inside, just in time to see the evening's performance of... RENT!!!! What a fantastic surprise to end with, being that I know the music but have never seen it! ! We had AMAZING seats (3rd row!) and the show was, of course, so so great. It was hard not to sing along!

Amazing day. Amazing, amazing day. I'm a very lucky girl... I don't know what I've done to deserve such a day, but I won't ever forget it!!!

Soup: te amo.... and yeah, Hi.

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