Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Some Words On A Rainy Wednesday

Ok, a few things.

1. How happy am I at Becky and Peter's news?!?! I got a call on Monday and it made my day. Hurrah!!

2. Went to the city twice last week, which is much more frequently than usual, even though I live quite close and enjoy it a lot. Last Wednesday we went to the Jinx Athenaeum to hear a lecture on Urban Exploration. The Jinx people used to do a lot of exploration in unusual bits of the city before they declared a moritorium on such adventures after 9/11. Our speaker, Steve Duncan, was quite interesting and has some very interesting pictures at his website,

2.b. The second trip, which was on Sunday, was less structured. One member of the adventuring party needed to visit the Hershey store in Times Square and there was money to be spent there... and samples to be had as well! We also visited the Nintendo World Store and walked a lot, stopping to try some dumplings at Mandoo and watch skaters at Rockefeller Center. Seeing loads of people in spandex and solar blankets added to the ambience of our surroundings (it being the day of the marathon after all!) and a good time was had by all.

3. I was much amused by the personal statements of my state's candidates for governor on Tuesday. The one I voted for did not win, alas, but while I never seriously considered voting for the person behind the Legalize Marajuana party, I laughed at the fact that he wanted to "give the finger to the Demo-publicans" (actual quote!!!) and thought that his was the most interesting read. So yes, I did my civic duty and voted.

4. I cannot wait until Friday. I don't have to go to work. Yay. You don't know how much joy that gives me. NO WORK NO WORK, woo hoo!!

Ok. that is all. :)

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