Saturday, August 05, 2006

Adventures in Traveling

Hello there and greetings from Florida! Yesterday, my Aunt Elaine got married, so Matt and I flew down to join the family and be a part of it - namely as the photography and musical forces, which technology makes so much easier! The adventure down here was quite interesting, though.... I will not go into detail at this moment, but this will be a good indication of the trip down here -

Flight from home to Washington, DC... delayed for two or three hours.
Connection to Jaxonville... missed due to the delay.
New connection flight... not until the next morning.
Customer service line for complaints at DC airport... one hour wait.
Discussion with four customer service reps led to... a place to sleep for three hours, taxi transfers and food vouchers.

Arrived at the wedding site 30 minutes before start, instead of the night before.

More to come.......

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