Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Whirlwhind weekend

This past weekend was my Aunt's wedding. We were invited down to be a part of it, so airline arrangements were made and plans were put in place. Murphy decided to laugh at us, however, making mush out of our careful plans. A few changes were good, but most were just craziness. Here we go! Original Plans are in green, Actual plans are in blue.

Thursday night:
Fly out of Newark, connect in Washington, arrive in Florida, pick up car to drive 2 hours to destination.
Get to Newark, flight delayed to weather for 2 hours. Connection missed. Stuck in Washington overnight. Waited on line for an hour, spoke with four different customer service reps, finally at 1am, ended up with a place to sleep (for 3 hours) taxi transfers and food vouchers. :)

Get up, help with final preparations, get ready for the wedding, help with music and photography, wedding at 2pm, celebrate, hang out with family in evening, sleep.
Get up at 5am, fly out of Washington, fly into Jacksonville, pick up car, drive like crazy, arrive at destination at 1:30, change, run over to site, get ready, help with photography and music, celebrate, take a 2 hour nap, hang out with family, sleep.

Get up, hang out with grandparents, drive to the Jacksonville area, visit a Jacksonville museum, have dinner, sleep.
Get up, hang out with grandparents, start to drive to Jacksonville, see a sign for the Stephen Foster Folk Center decide to go and see if it is anything not. Get there and find a jewel in the middle of Podunk, Florida - an amazing museum with dioramas and priceless antique pianos, a carillon tower that plays Foster's music every two hours, beautiful grounds, an amazing place. Drive to the Jacksonville area, have dinner at a place Matt had never visited, go swimming, sleep.

Get up, eat breakfast, return rental car, fly to Washington, fly to Newark, get car, drive home in late afternoon/early evening.
Get up, eat breakfast, return rental car, get ready to fly to Washingon, find out that a seat on the plane is broken, volunteer to be bumped to another flight (for some FREE VOUCHERS!), wait around airport (play video games, eat lunch, etc) fly to Cincinatti, hang out, rent a DVD, fly to Newark, transfer to the terminal where our luggage landed hours before (thankfully!) drive home, arriving around 11. Yawn!

Cool things about this trip: Finding an amazing museum. Actually having a bed and hot shower in Washington instead of the floor of the airport. Our rental car. Making it to the wedding on time... barely. Some great chocolate fudge at the "market day" at the Village. Getting to see family. The Jacksonville hotel - clean, new rooms, a nice pool in which we found $2(!), complimentary breakfast with waffles, amazing value. Visiting a new place - er, airport. And, oh yeah - FREE AIRLINE VOUCHERS! Woo Hoo! Anywhere in the continental US, good for a year.

Hopefully pictures are to come! :)

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