Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Who needs dinner theatre?

Well, I think the last day of work at my old job was memorable, don't you?

I discovered a tiny bloodblister on my neck a few days ago and thought little of it, but then yesterday it decided to bleed... and bleed... for more than three hours. So after work (at which they gave me some candles, balloons and an ice cream cake, which made me feel very special!) I was encouraged to call my doctor, and he suggested I go to the emergency room, considering it was after-hours and the bleeding was still ongoing. So, Matt took me and off we went. I must say it was interesting to have "call-ahead reservations" to the hospital, considering I know people who work there!! ;) It was a rather uneventful visit - the bleeding finally stopped by the time I got to see a doctor, so they just patched me up and gave me a referral to a plastic surgeon - if it starts to bleed again, they need to cauterize it. Dinner reservations got delayed at that point, but we weren't too late to enjoy a delicious meal - especially the CHOCOLATE!!! ;) mmmmm..... I'm sure that I became a more interesting customer, considering I had a big patch on my neck! Matt also decided to mark the occasion with a gift - a beautiful watch. (I am overwhelmed!) All in all, a day I won't forget! ;)

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