Thursday, August 10, 2006

Movie Night

On Tuesday night, I went to an outdoor movie. I love summertime outdoor events - sitting out on the grass on a cool night, enjoying a movie or concert or something of the sort, picnicing, etc. In that vein, there is the Netflix Rolling Roadshow, which is bringing movies back to the places where they were filmed so that the audience can see it in the place it was created. So, we trekked down to Red Bank, NJ to see Clerks. Kevin Smith was there for a Q&A session and there were (other) cast members there as well. Tons of people showed up - we saw cars from Michigan - and it was a beautiful night for an outdoor event. It was a crazy spur-of-the-moment trip down, and made for a late night, but was a lot of fun. A movie like this reminds you that although some things in life are universal, living in New Jersey is something that you just can't completely understand unless you've experienced it!! ;)

Wish I could have gone to see the previous movie as well - Jaws, on Martha's Vineyard! That would have been great!

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