Tuesday, May 01, 2007

a Great Adventure, indeed!

On Sunday, my friend Jenny celebrated her quarter-century birthday. She and Will are home on leave for two weeks and we were invited to meet them for a celebration at Great Adventure! What fun! We brought Jenny a tiara and some party hats for the rest of the crew.

The day started out very cloudy and rainy, which kept many people away - a great thing, especially when the sun decided to come out in the afternoon! We rode a bunch of rides and got to "meet" a ton of characters...

One downer.... or perhaps it is an upper? The six of us got imprisoned on the ferris wheel! We were on there for over a half-hour, twice stuck at the top, looking down at the people, 15 stories below, as the wind whipped around the cars. It was so not cool. When we got off, we complained. Usually, it doesn't do anything... but in this case they actually listened and hooked us up... with Cold Stone!

Happy Birthday, Jenny! Hope you had fun!

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