Thursday, August 07, 2008

BackPost 7/30/08: Annie's House!

First thing I should say - Matt is awesome. He remembered that this was a place I wanted to go and made it happen. So cool. Major brownie points. :)

On our last day at the shore, we took a little drive over to Monmouth University, the school where Marisa spent her undergraduate years. Years and years before I ever met her, though, I knew this place. I just knew it as Daddy Warbuck's house in the movie Annie.

Wilson Hall, as it is known at Monmouth, is the actual house (interiors and exteriors) that were used for the film. The house is in the midst of being refurbished, but it is still the same on so many levels. We walked into the great hall, I looked up at the ceiling, and had a moment of awe - my childhood dream come true! So so beautiful. Despite the oppressive heat, we rambled throughout the entire building (including sneaking into original and amazingly beautiful bathrooms!) and I took tons of pictures, all of which you can see here.

Of course, I wanted to play the organ (see it next to the stairs?) but it was locked.

I was an Annie fanatic as a kid.... I knew the movie by heart, could sing and dance my way through the songs (on vinyl, baby!) to the point where I thought I was Annie for about a month! How my parents put up with me refusing to respond to my name (and referring to them as "Miss Grace" and "Daddy Warbucks!") is a feat of parenting I didn't know was possible!

Me... Then. Is this why I still go through times of wanting to dye my hair red?
I especially love the shining, glowing locket around my neck!

Me... now. Can I tap-dance down the stairs, now, Matt?

So yeah. This was a bit of a big deal to me. :) So, so cool.

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