Friday, August 08, 2008

Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. Strauss!

On Sunday, I got to witness two of our friends tie the knot. Unfortunately, Matt wasn't able to make it - we were up until 4am the night before, visiting the hospital... he got awful, awful food poisoning! So while he slept and recuperated, I traveled down to the Berkley Plaza to see Marisa and Eric become Mr. and Mrs.

The wedding itself was beautiful. I'd never been to a Jewish ceremony before, and found it to be touching and very personal. They both looked so amazingly happy - and I cried! The reception was very nice as well - so much amazing food at the cocktail hour (kudos to Marisa for choosing hummus - a must have when we get together!) and the dinner was lovely, too. Overall, just a sweet and wonderful time. May you have a lifetime of happiness and joy!

My pictures are here.

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