Sunday, March 28, 2004

Anniversary, sailing, shopping, griping, updating...

#1 - Happy Anniversary, mom and dad, this past Friday! :)
#2 - Beautiful weather this weekend brought joy to my tired-of-winter soul! Hurray!
#3 - No real update on the Jeep yet. I got my estimate of repair... $4000+... and am waiting to hear from his insurance company's person on their estimate and what they are doing in terms of a rental car for me. More will follow... eventually.
#4 - Tomorrow is a half-day of school and half of inservice... but it will be a good one, for once! Susan from Sesame Street is coming and we all get signed copies of her new book! Yay!
#5 - got an email back from Matt, (the new set-up boy). He seems really nice - I think Christie did a good job! :)
#6 - Mom and Dad get to go on the inagaural NYC sailing of the Queen Mary 2 next month! And it's FREE... (long story short) because my brother and dad have the same name! It's just a Thursday pm - Saturday am thing, but how cool is that?! (well, good and bad, depending on which side of the dock you're on... it's the land side for me!)

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