Wednesday, March 24, 2004

My Poor Baby! Sadness!

Sad news. Yesterday my poor little Jeep was smacked from the front and behind as it took me safely home from work. Now it is taking a rejuvinating vacation... at the dealership. Here's the backstory:

Driving home from work yesterday I noticed a car in front of me driving really irradically... so I slowed down, hoping that it would leave me alone... but it didn't. Supposedly, this guy's rear left tire came off the car - he slammed in to me (at that point he had been in the lane to my right, but took a tight swerve into my car) and he ended up in the opposite lane of traffic... except for that tire, which ended up wedged under my car. Of course, the guy behind me slowed down, but still ran into my trunk. We called the police, of course (can you believe that the first time I dialed 911 it was busy?!?) and they came. We got the tire out from under my car and the Jeep was drivable, but not pretty. I'd already called home and both of my parents eventually made it to the accident, after getting stuck in all of its traffic on the way. We won't get the estimate from the dealership or the police report until tomorrow, so until then it is just a waiting game. I know that the repair estimate will be no less than $4-5,000 and probably about 2 weeks until I see my baby.
Luckily, on neither end am I at fault, so I am going to put my claim in to the front guy's insurance company. They'd better get me an allowance to rent a car... I need one to get to work! I am fine physically, other than a little sore, and so is everyone else from what I know, but the cars are all another story.
Part of me is so mad and another part is sad and another part is thankful that I am fine (it could have been a lot lot worse) and another part is sore, and another part.... I can't even think that much. I'm tired and achy and going to bed. More when I know what to write about. Can you believe this, though? Never even a fender-bender with my good 'ol Bing, and now with this less-than-a-year-old beauty, two dumb things in a week! At least the first was really nothing. (I did have a professional look at it and he said there was nothing at all.) But this time, I pulled up to the service entrance and the guy came out and said.... "oooooohhhh......" Then you know it's bad.

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