Tuesday, March 09, 2004

quick update

Ok. need to be quick because it is late and I can't be cranky for the kiddies tomorrow....

One: Oh, this is exciting, in a kitchy-dorky-but-I-don't-care kind of way.... This weekend I will actually be stepping into STUCKEYBOWL!!! Yes, it is true! Sadly, the show is cancelled (although NBC won't say that...) and there is an auction of all things "ED" on Saturday at the actual Stuckeybowl set. I will be there (and you, dear reader...readers? will have a full report!) And, to make it even better, my darling Smacky will take the trip down here and come, too! Oh, joy!

Two: It appears that people are taking it upon themselves to play "yente" on my behalf. In this vein, a dear friend of mine (who is more like an older sister) wants to set me up with the son of one of her patients... but only email first, if it pans out. Emailing, I think, is good. And there are no strange shadows of expectations here, which is v.good. Again, if there is anything to report, it will be found here. :)

'Tis all for now. Sleep is in order. Children and a cranky Miss President do not mix.... there is screaming and tears... usually mine.... :)

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