Monday, March 15, 2004

The busiest of all weekends

Wow... to even talk about this weekend I must break it into sections:

Friday: Took off from work for the Arts Day at a local school. The G&S people do a workshop for the 3-5 graders. It was a fun morning. Then Becky arrived... and made amazing time, I must add! We hung out, went to the preview for the auction to browse and register (#'s 12 and 14, woo hoo!). Chatted with a prop master and the auctioneer. Took notes. Then, it was off to Ikea to browse, buy, eat meatballs and ride on the fun flat carts in the warehouse. (I highly recommend it... the carts are tres fun!) After a quick stop at the Old Navy accross the road, we came home. A busy day!

Saturday: After some breakfast, we decided to wander in the local town a little... but it was deceptively windy and chilly, so that was short lived. Anyway, we picked up lunch at Ronnie's (some have seen it as the "Pie Shop" on Ed) and then off to Stuckeybowl for the auction. What a crazy, insane experience! Becky was much more bold in her bidding - I only bid on windows... but now I am the proud owner of one of Ed's house windows! Becky got a steal... this chair, from Ed's office, went for the same price as a $10 bet!! After the craziness there (we left after several hours, and it was ongoing still!) we returned home for dinner and then went out to do.... what else.... bowling! You can see Becky's photography skills of the day here.

Sunday: Well, after all of that tremendous fun, my dear smacky had to return home. I ended up at the Big Mall to run an errand and ended up spending the day... mom and dad joined me and we lunched at my favorite Stir Crazy and then ended up going to see The Passion of the Christ - an amazing movie. Horrible, amazing, necessary, beautiful, painful, unforgettable... really, words don't come close.

So you see, I probably had the busiest and most memorable weekend that I've had in a million years. (and the most complicated post I've attempted... loaded with links.) And now I hear it might snow tomorrow???

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