Sunday, January 09, 2005

Mary and Joseph

I know, Christmas is over, but these are two things I have been thinking about for a while...

1. Mary. Catholics revere her, and some even put up little Mary shrines or statues in their yards. (something some of us affectionately refer to as "Virgin on the halfshell"). But while I am not well versed on the whole Mary thing, it must be really really bad if your Mary statue has lost its head. There is a house I drive by every day that has a headless Mary. That's got to be a really really big sin.

2. Joseph. He doesn't seem to be as important as Mary in the whole scheme of the Christmas story, but still obviously a big part. Some people like to set up those light-up Nativity scenes in their yards... sometimes just Mary, Joeseph and Jesus, and others display everyone - shephards, wise men, animals, etc. There seem to be two major brands of these light-up figures: one has Joeseph wearing brownish robes. The other has him in pink. Pink? I understand the whole Mary-wears-blue thing, but to put him in Pink?

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