Sunday, January 02, 2005

useful gifts for a cold girl

My parents are cute. They know how cold their daughter gets in the winter, what with Raynaud's and all. For Christmas, I got several helpful, heat-filled things.

1. Microwavable mittens and booties. They are like those funky heating pads that go in the microwave - you pop them in and the pellets warm up. They are good if you're sitting around watching tv or right after you come in from the bitter cold. Just don't try walking around in the booties... too clumsy and noisy!

2. A heated blanket. We actually got this yesterday, and it is my new favorite thing. It has adjustable settings and a 'preheat' setting too, and an auto shut off if you leave it on for 10 hours. Considering how cold my room gets, this is wonderful. I slept so well last night! :) Yay for the people at Sunbeam.

Isn't it sad that such things make me so happy? This is what my life has come to! I should probably just move to Florida, but I think I'd shoot myself. :)

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