Thursday, December 29, 2005

Merry Christmas... a little late!

To all of my dear readers (all four of you!) I hope you had the Merriest of Christmases and that there was much joy and laughter and good times had by all. :)

My Christmas was lovely. I was invited to Christmas Eve dinner with Matt and his family - we went to Mt. Fuji, which is as much of a dinner theatre experience as it is a great meal! On Christmas day Matt joined us at home, where there was a frenzy of traditional turkey and everything. Santa seemed to think I was good this year - I found some lovely things under the tree, such as sweaters, pajamas, gift cards (for B&N and the gas station!) a gourgeous pair of earrings and a gramaphone that will be interesting to play with!

I spent Boxing Day in Belmar - kind of strange to be at the shore in wintertime, but it has its beauty in solitude and quietness. Relaxing and skeeball (yes, there was an arcade open on the boardwalk!) were priorities, and I even had time to curl up and watch Jersey Girl, too. A good movie, and filmed in the town that someone I know grew up in! ;)

Now I'm being called on to assist in hosting a New Year's Eve party... should be some fun! :) Any ideas, readers??

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