Saturday, December 03, 2005

Snaps to the funny, the technological, the helpful

Kudos to the guy who played Norman in the one-acts at Ramapo this weekend. I thought he was very good... and cute! And yay for cheap live theatre! The $1-per-act price was easy on the pocketbook. Gotta love college-student prices!

I now have a regular computer setup in my room again. As some of you may remember, I've been using the laptop since the new computer died, but through the wonders of modern technology and the people who know how to use it, I am up and running again on a desktop. And now I am learning a new technological thing - burning CDs! I was learning to download CDs onto my desktop when the last computer died, so I lost all of that hard work, but I was able to pick that up again and add to it the concept of burning. I feel so accomplished! :)

My resident technological guru spent a great deal of Saturday hooking me up again and succeeded in overwhelming me by also cleaning off my desk (a great pile of junk with a few pieces of needed stuff in the mix), scanning a bunch of my pictures into the computer, and even fixing my toilet... most of this done while I was at work! Amazing, and so handy! I baked some special brownies as a token of gratitude, which he selflessly shared with others instead of eating them all himself. Impresisive!

Picture of the day:
The subject of this post at the Paulinskill Viaduct, June 2005.

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