Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Mystic Mini Break!

I had a lot of fun with Rebecca and Catherine in Mystic. Here are a few pics from a fun-filled visit!

First, we met at Olde Mistick Village where we wandered and did a little shopping. Then we grabbed some lunch and afterwards hung out at a beach/park in the afternoon.

We had dinner at Rice Spice Noodles then wandered around donwtown Mystic, even catching some tunes (and dancing!) at an outdoor concert!

We played a bit in the hotel before bedtime... and musical Catherine liked her belated Birthday present from me - a Bongo drum!!

In the morning, we took a swim at the hotel pool after breakfast and then visited Ocean Beach Park - it was VERY hot, but we enjoyed the breeze, had some lunch, played some games in the arcade and then enjoyed some ice cream before we went our separate ways.

It was really great to spend some time with Becky... I am so glad that we have stayed friends through a lot of life changes and with a lot of distance! It was tremendous fun... too bad they live so far away!

(I know, I know. Here I am spending time with my dear friend and I end up taking tons of pictures of her daughter and really none of us... but she is so darn cute and photogenic!)

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