Thursday, August 30, 2007

Two "Matt" Announcements

Big lifestyle-changing things have been going on in Matt's world recently - it's all very exciting!

I've already told you about the new job. Hurray! I know he will be a great teacher. :)

The next thing? A new car!

A very shiny fancy Jaguar, to be exact!! He stumbled upon this by chance and was able to get a great deal. (Even though he bought it from a dealer, it was strange to find out that the previous owner lives a few blocks away from him! Small world! ) His good 'ol Hyundai had well over 100,000 miles and was starting to demand a lot of costly repairs, so it was time for something newer and more reliable. We tease him about his "Fancy Car," but it is really quite nice. :)

And not to be left out... he's moving!

This cottage belongs to the church we have been attending. He'll be renting the house and will adopt the title of groundskeeper. He hasn't moved in yet, but we have been measuring and will paint before he does. Once we can scare up a few sticks of furniture (even Ikea is looking pricy!) there will be a housewarming party! It's very charming, but also quite old - even older than the church (1880!). It is small, but I think with time and creativity it will be quite cozy. My mind is whirring with lots of ideas as to how to make it warm and inviting while stretching every dollar as far as it can go!

Big things! Now if we can just get married, life will completely go on its head! ;)

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