Thursday, August 30, 2007

Weird NJ Baseball Game

I've got some catching up to do....

On July 27th, Matt and I went to a Newark Bears baseball game. I know that it is not something most would expect us to do, but I'd gotten an email from Weird NJ and they were sponsoring this game. If you brought/wore some kind of WNJ paraphernalia, you got in for free! So, we headed out with some issues of the magazine and went to the ballgame.

Mark and Mark (the writers/founders) were there and doing a signing... so not only did we get our magazines signed, but we also got two signed copies of the first Weird NJ book! They gave out the second volume later - too bad we couldn't get one of each! There were some WNJ "characters" there as well, and even fireworks after the game! The Bears won, too - it was a very exciting ending with most of the action happening in the bottom of the ninth!

A really fun evening was had for a very small amount of money... a few tolls, $5 parking in Newark, free admission to the game, free books, free fireworks! Pictures are here.

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