Sunday, June 19, 2005

Dad's Day

First of all, HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to my dad and all other dads out there. We appreciate you, even if we don't always remember to say/show it!

This weekend has been a busy one, even though it was a commitment-free weekend! After my final concert on Friday during the day (Cool weather! No rain! No big problems!) I ended up going to Barnes for a while after dinner to browse, buy and reserve this. Yesterday I went to a local town's sidewalk fair in the morning, took a long bike ride in the afternoon, went to dinner (pre-Father's Day) with Mom and Dad, and then went to see Cinderella Man with a friend. (I highly reccomend it - it's a strong film, well acted, and done well - even if I am not one for violent boxing scenes.) Today, we BBQ-ed (being that Dad received a "smokey Joe" for Dad's day and the fact that although a picnic had originally been planned, weather was proving to be too iffy for such an excursion), I went on another bike adventure and then returned home to watch this movie, which I found uber cheap at Best Buy last night.

On another good note, only one more full day and two more half-days of work! Tra-la-la, fiddle-dee-dee! I don't know how I'll pack up all of my junk in that amount of time, but will manage somehow - I'm determined!

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