Thursday, June 02, 2005

There was an adventure to be had...

One day recently (I cannot specify here or I may incriminate myself), I went on an adventure. I only knew the where and when and what to wear... as to the destination, that was kept concealed until absolutely necessary... which succeeds in piquing interest even further! I met my adventure guide (at a hospital!) and we headed out in the sheep-in-a-Jeep on quite a long trek, almost all the way to Pennsylvania. We ended up in Blairstown, NJ - a true thriving metropolis of trees and open space. After lunch at a local diner, we proceeded to the mysterious location - the Paulinskill Viaduct. To enter, one has to climb up into one of the bases on either side of the river and then begin climbing, rung by rung, up and down the arches. There are a wide variety of styles of graffiti to be seen along the way, and "caves" to go through in the bases - some which have been made easier with the help of boards or ropes, others which involve climbing all the way into them and then back out - and all are definitely dark and creepy with extraordinary echoes! It is an amazing place on several levels - the view is spectacular, the climbing is good, some of the graffiti-artwork is beautiful, it is supposedly haunted, and of course, it is Weird! We climbed all the way to the opposite shore and then back again - although at about the half-way point we ended up climbing up and out on to the top, where there was a train track at one point. (I wish I could have taken my Jeep up there, now that I think about it!) Unfortunately, just before we climbed up and out, my guide's trusty hiking staff took a kamikaze leap off the bridge and into the river. We sadly watched it float away and then went searching the bank for it later, but alas... it is gone. Sadness.
But, all in all, a most successful outing, and quite memorable. Although the one bad thing about adventuring is that it leaves you wanting more...... ;)

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