Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Stop the ride, I want to get off!

Wow. So much going on... my head is spinning!

This weekend was, well, insane. Friday afternoon brought Becky to NJ, and we went off gallivanting to these three places that evening. Saturday morning found me on the phone with these people for over an hour... and then I needed to go and visit one of their stores, too! Dumbheads! But then in the evening heat I had a performance and was greeted by quite the fan club of attendees, including a fellow blogger! I found myself the recipient of lovely daisies and roses and was thrilled with the concept of my own cheering section! Three of us indulged here post-performance. Mmmm.... mint with brownies. :)

Sunday I had another performance, which was unfortunately at the same time as my nephew's Confirmation. I was sorry to miss it, but I sacrifice for my art! ;) Post-show, there was a cast party barbecue, which was a fun time.

Monday was our Music Dept. pool trip. It was a perfect day - amazingly hot, which was great for the kids. They managed to get me pretty soaked, even though I did not get into the pool! All in all, the best work-day of the year!

Today, I had a looooong outdoor rehearsal in the morning. Again, heat and general rehearsal craziness caused for a tiring time - so tiring, in fact, that I fell asleep on the couch this afternoon for a while! Tomorrow is the concert - IT WILL NOT RAIN, IT WILL NOT RAIN, NO RAIN, NO RAIN!! The weather looks like it will hold out, for once! If only I can get to this time tomorrow night then I will be happier for the rest of the week, and not quite so frantic and overwhelmed!

In other news, go and sign up for the Baskin Robbins Birthday Club. It's cool, and free. Yay for cool and free. :)

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