Sunday, June 12, 2005

good and bad, all mixed together... en flambe?

Bad first:
You know, I really need to start counting the minutes until I am done with this &%$#^@! job. I called on Thursday night about the fact that I was calling out sick for Friday, and somehow they did not get the message...?? So now I will have to deal with the fallout out first thing Monday morning... oh, what joy. I try to be responsible and prepared for Monday by checking my work email tonight and find 2 email about it waiting in my inbox. You know, really, what do I expect? Things to run smoothly? Not here. Not for me.

But some good from today:
Mom and Dad took me out for my birthday a little early, and we went here. At first, I was not sold on the idea, but.... wow. Especially dessert. And they lit it on fire! Very cool place. Great atmosphere, good food, even a little dinner theatre as they prepare things at the table. I need to go there again! :)

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