Friday, June 24, 2005

Road trip adventures, roller coasters and... breakfast in Vermont?!?

Yesterday was perhaps not the first official day of Summer, but it was the first official day of my summer, and an adventure was planned to commemorate the day. I was instructed to be ready at 5am (eek!) and was told that clothing appropriate for Six Flags was in order. Being that I live in the same state as this, I figured that the bulk of the adventure was to happen there, with perhaps a quick trip to the ocean included in the package. I get in the car and find myself sweetly provided with blanket and pillow. It doesn't take much convincing to get me to push the seat back and doze off for an hour. When I awaken, I expect to find myself fairly close to the shore... and instead find myself near Hartford! Tricky, tricky... it ends up that I live practically between two parks and the goal was to get to Massachusetts! Imagine my surprise! So, we keep driving and enter the good 'ol Bay State, and keep driving. And driving. And then we get to a sign that says.... Welcome to Vermont. Vermont?!? At that point, it was obvious that something wasn't quite right. We stopped at a beautiful welcome center and found two earthy-crunchy-Vermonters ready to help. Since we were already there, inquiries were made as to how close we were to the location of this, to find that it was "just up the road, at exit 6," and that breakfast could be attained fairly nearby. Back in the car, armed with a brand-new Vermont map, we started off again, only to discover that exit 6 was 30 miles away! So, the whole breakfast-and-shopping-in-Vermont excursion came to an abrupt stop as we turned around and headed back down to MA. Upon re-entry, we visited a second visitor's center, where the story of our adventure became the topic of the day with the ladies who worked there. ("...those foolish New Jersey kids! Don't they know anything?") Ended up getting pancakes bigger than my head for breakfast and then arriving at the park a little after opening. It's a fun place - we hit all of the coasters (one wooden one twice!) and thoroughly enjoyed the day. On the way home, I requested a stop to purchase some of this, and ended up amusing the check-out girls ("...they came three states just to buy seltzer?") before heading out to get some dinner... which ended up becoming another birthday celebration complete with a wait-staff serenade! Yes, it was quite the adventure.

Well done, Anonymous! Your sneaky scheming worked, perhaps better than originally planned! :)

PS: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAD! Hope you've enjoyed your day!

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