Sunday, June 12, 2005

heat and humidity do not a happy Miss President make...

For those of you who asked, thank you for your well-wishes and whatnot for my Spring Concert. It went very well - for once, we didn't have to worry about rain, either! I am so glad it is over - it was so hot and miserable this week, and that combined with stress really knocked me for a loop.

We had a Pirates performance last night, and how thrilled were we to find the auditorium to be AIR CONDITIONED! Oh, joy, oh rapture! The audience was small and rather catatonic, but we had a good time and rejoiced at the fact that we didn't feel like we were going to die with heavy costumes, full makeup and stage lights! We will not be so lucky outside on Tuesday night (which also happens to be my favorite holiday!) but considering it will be the last performance of the season, we will take what we can get. What in the world will I do with my Monday and Thursday nights after this?

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