Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Crash!! Bang!! Boom!!

Hope ya'll had a good day yesterday, celebrating our country and hopefully seeing some fireworks! I saw some in Ridgewood last night, and they were very beautiful - if you live in the area, go next year - but get there early! It was a fun evening, not without surprises! Matt returned from the shore early :) and we went to have some of this (I chose oatmeal cookie ice cream with strawberries and Oreos... an interesting combo), and then I was off to meet Alisa at the fireworks. But then - surprise! - my phone rang and our group stretched into three as Matt rejoined the festivities. I brought us glow-sticks (which were cooler than the ones they sold there - we had distinctive colors!) and a Gummi Lunch and we heard a little of the jazz band before the fireworks began. Good music, good fireworks, and good company - what more could you ask for on the Fourth?!

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