Sunday, July 31, 2005

On the road again...

Well, here I am in Petersburg, Virginia, taking advantage of a little wifi - hurrah for technology!

This week was long. Reeaaallly long. It's amazing how gloomy things are down in Dowling Park. My grandparents aren't well at all, and it is discouraging to see them like that. But, all in all, it was good that I was there, and I needed to go. But the words "fun" and "vacation" could hardly be considered for a trip like this.
And trust me, the area isn't any paradise, either. The little shops in the village take up a half-hour or so of browsing time, the library is teeny and geared towards the residents of the village (but there was an internet connection!!) and "civilization" is a half-hour-plus car ride away... through fields of trees and very little else. And the town of Live Oak has very little except for a supermarket, Wallyworld , various fast food places and a dollar store. But that's not why we were there, so it's really not important. We tried to make their lives a little happier for the week, and then we had to start to go home, but first stop in Lawrenceville, Georgia to see Aunt Babe.
We got to her with little diffuculty and then headed out to dinner at my cousin Gina's house. We had a lovely dinner with a bunch of family we barely ever see, and then stayed over at Aunt Babe's, leaving really early this morning. And so I am here.
Time for food, a shower and some sleep. Then tomorrow we get home.

It will be good to be home again.

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