Saturday, July 02, 2005

Fourth of July Weekend, 2005

Well, unfortunately, I have no tales to tell of interesting destinations this weekend, unlike some that I know who are heading for exciting and exotic locales like Martha's Vinyard and Belmar (to name a few...). Alas, I am attempting to have some fun anyway.

On Thursday (I know, technically not yet the weekend), went to see Bewitched with Annonym.... er, Matt. ;) It was cute, and I enjoyed it, although one could spend a large amount of time showing the similarities/borrowed features to another film I enjoy. Yesterday, I ended up going to see another film (two days in a row! can you believe it!?) - War of the Worlds. It was better than I expected, actually, and fulfilled the big "Fourth of July Summer Blockbuster Movie" requirement. I ended up crashing at Alisa's, and then we went to a late breakfast at the diner. We're contimplating mini-golf later, which can always be an adventure in cheating and fun!

As to the rest of the weekend? Well, my guess is as good as yours. Maybe I'll run away and join the circus after all. Maybe I'll go trekking in the Alps. Maybe I'll end up watching a L&O marathon (there must be one - there is for every other holiday!).

Happy Fourth.

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