Sunday, July 24, 2005

Nowhere, North Carolina

Day One: We left a little after 6am and began the trek to Florida, driving and driving and stopping for a picnic lunch (surrounded by Boy Scouts!) and then more driving, then I drove for a while, then we drove some more, finally getting to the hotel. Which is in Nowhere. Seriously. We had to drive 10 miles for food (at which point there are a million other hotels and eateries, etc - civilization, really!) and then come back here, to a hotel that is this awful salmon pink with sad broken swings and an algae covered little fountain, near nothing except for the highway! And - they are a bunch of dumbheads, way overcharging us for this room in advance. But - surprise! - they have wifi, so I can post about it.

More to come in future installments... but for now, I'm off to let this computer rest and charge (a laptop which was rather fantastically lent to me by a boy who has preferred in the past to remain Annonymous!) ... and I know I should probably do the same! :)

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