Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Knock, knock... Who's there? Uncle Sam!

First, a disclaimer. I am an honest, tax paying citizen. I don't try to cheat the IRS.

But I hate taxes. At least preparing them. It is amazingly frustrating.

But one good thing... if you don't make a whole lot (like me, especially last year!) then you can FreeFile with the IRS through a huge list of online providers. I went with H&R Block. The form was tedious but very straight forward and calculated a much better refund than what I'd gotten doing it the paper way. (we're talking over $100 difference!) Thanks, Matt. You're so Handy! :)

I couldn't get it to cooperate with the state filing (which is NOT free, fyi), but that's ok. I had done both federal and state on paper first, so I am just mailing in my state and online submitting the federal. And the fact that they do direct deposit rocks my socks... trust me, it is way faster. I used to work in a bank, so I know. :)

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