Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sewing Class Project

A few weeks ago, my mom and I decided to take a sewing class at a local store. It was a lot of fun! We learned how to use a felting machine (so much easier than the technique by hand!), saw the embroidery machine at work, and crafted a small purse. The top picture shows the detail of my mom's felting with the overlaying flower, the second picture shows the unfinished purse (two pieces of felt and two zippers makes a purse with three pockets, if done properly!). The bottom is the detail on my purse, and the final one is the finished project. It is conveniently the exact size for a passport, making it a great choice for a lightweight travel bag! It was slated as a "beginner" class, but that was a stretch. I am a real beginner - I can sew a straight hem and that's about it - and it was hard! But I did it, and am proud of the result!

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