Sunday, April 15, 2007

Never trust a fellow with a helmet on his head!

On Saturday, Matt and I had one of our "rambustifications" - an excursion into the City.

We took the train in and then picked a destination from a list of places we want to go. We chose the Lincoln Center tour. I highly recommend it! We didn't get the full tour (it's a Saturday afternoon and there are matinees galore!) but there were only four of us on the tour and we got a great tour guide who let us listen in on quite a bit of a concert at Avery Fisher Hall! :) We toured Avery Fisher Hall and the State Theatre, (peeking in on the aforementioned concert and and a City Opera performance!) and walked through the front lobby of the Met. (no peeking there, though.)

Next, it was time for lunch. Matt suggested the Jeckyll and Hyde Club. It was great fun. I'd never been there before, and we had a spooky time, getting seated right away, and eating in the grand salon. One of the entertainers at the club tried to get me to sing when he found out I was a musician, but I refused. I would have if he came back as he said he would, but he disappeared. Hmmm..... maybe he disappeared into the spooky attic. ;)

When we got outside, Matt started walking with a purpose and then hailed a cab. I started to wonder what was up his sleeve when he had us directed towards Macy's on 34th. Although he said he had nothing planned there, my guess was he had tickets to the circus, right down the street from Macy's. We've often talked about running away and joining the circus!
Boy was I surprised to discover that he did have tickets - for us to go and see Great Big Sea at the Hammerstein Theatre!!!

The show was amazing - two full sets of a mix of all of their current stuff and two new songs that will be on their next CD! They played many of my personal favorites, too, so I was especially excited! It was such fun to sing and dance and jump around. The crowd was an interesting mix of people, mostly 20's/30's, but kids and older adults as well. People were all really cool, too, considering that everyone wanted to know how the people around them found out about the group, being as they are not too well known here in the states, but are huge in their native Canada! The only crazies at the concert decided to push themselves in front of us during the second set, and it was quite obvious that they had more than something from the bar in their systems. That's not cool, and not typical at all for this type of show. Matt and the guy behind us had to keep "helping" the man in front of us maintain his balance and not fall on top of us all! But I won't let that be a damper on the great music we heard. If you've never heard them before, check out their site! It's a cool blend of traditional songs of Newfoundland and original music influenced by their Canadian history. It's contagious, let me tell you!
Yesterday's pictures are here!

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