Tuesday, April 03, 2007

one of my delayed updates.

On St. Patrick's Day, Matt and I decided to go do something... but being that we hadn't planned anything, we scrambled to find something interesting to do.

After looking through the paper, we decided to go to Opus Entertainment in the Palisades Mall to listen to some live music (and eat dinner). It's really a cool concept, but a little awkward to be chowing down on a sandwich right in front of live musicians.

Two bands were playing that night - a punk band (i forget their name!) and a ska band - Third Wave Bandits. (also found here.) I must say that I enjoyed myself! As I said, it was unusual to be eating at a concert like that - it would have been cool to get up and dance, but there weren't many people there and it would have been a little strange! But hey - live music is always cool and exploring new genres is a good thing. :)

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