Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Apples, Apples, Poohsticks, Fall and FEAR (ce)..... take 2

Hi again. I mentioned that I would post about Sunday, and finally I am. :)

So... on Sunday, I went apple picking at Masker Orchards. The cool thing about them is that you can bring your car right into the orchard, which was tremendous fun in my Jeep! :) There were some great varieties that were ripe and we had a beautiful day in which to do the picking! Afterwards, we went into Warwick to wander and get some lunch - such a great town! While there, we played Poohsticks in the very swolen stream... what fun!
We then drove around a bit and enjoyed the beautiful fall day before going to investigate the Forest of Fear. (There were signs along the road that just said "FEAR" and had an arrow, pointing.) We got there when it opened, which was perhaps a mistake in that we had to wait on line for the haunted house in the chilly night air... but yay for Hot Chocolate! The carnival rides were looking sketchy, but we went on the gravatron and the scrambler, and listened to the live music, provided by Future 86.
It was a fun fall day, and now I am planning to make an apple pie with all of the lovely apples we picked. Who wants a piece??

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