Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Technological Frustration

Ok, so I don’t understand computers. I know how to turn them on and off, how to do various programs with them, even how to write a little HTML code. (very little!) But anyway, my computer has died. Kicked the bucket. Is pushing up daisies. Finito. Yeah, that’s it... we’re planning a funeral. However, I am lucky to have my old friend the laptop with me again, here at home instead both of us to Florida. Bah for dumb computers!

I baked an apple pie today, with apples from my previous apple-picking excursion. It was amazingly yummy, if I do say so myself! :) I’ve just been quite the baker recently, making “Special brownies” on Sunday. Also a successful attempt. Just call me Betty! Hmm… but in that lies a name change to the site, from Miss President to Miss (or Mrs.) Crocker! :) Bec, I didn't wear my apron, though - I've been told that it is an "entertaining" apron, not a "kitchen" apron. (but I wanted to wear it anyway!)

Pictures of the apple picking and the pie making may be posted soon. They are about to be developed and I will try to get them up for curious readers! :)

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