Friday, October 07, 2005

Comments on comments

Marisa, I'd love to start a support group. :) We could knit and figure ourselves out. :)

Angela, thanks for the note. Yeah, while I don't necesarially have the confidence that I perhaps should, this incident was unusually severe in terms of my stress level. I'm not usually like that, even though I don't handle stress as I should. Thank you for the sound advice. :)

...Oh, and the dance lesson was a lot of fun. There were people of varying ages - I thought we'd be the babies of the class, but there is a younger couple, perhaps high school or early college? Unfortunately, we ended up next to people who obviously know how to dance, which was frustrating. But it was a good start, and we should be practicing as "homework". Our next class is this coming Tuesday - last week there was none because of the school holiday. We certainly won't become like the people in "Swing Kids" overnight, but we're making a start. :)

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