Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Several things

First of all HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to the Woods!!! They've been married three years now (I was there, and I remember!) and they are such a great couple. Here's to a lifetime of happy anniversaries!

Second. The special brownies. Yes, they were special. And no, not in an herbal sense! I'll not completely divulge the recipe here, but they contained bits of chocolate and peanut butter in them, for starters. And yeah, they were pretty extraordinary, especially when still warm. mmmmmm.

Third. Two bargains of which I am quite proud to share. $0.17 for a 30-something ounce bottle of water with a sport cap. Dirt cheap! And $1.00 for a big tubes of Colgate whitening toothpaste. Sometimes the bargains just seem to find me! (yes, I'm a bargain dork. but hey, I save money so it's a winning situation for me!)

Fourth. Cool mail. Got two things in the mail today that are noteworthy. One of the drugs I use sent me a toothbrush, toothbrush holder and a coupon. I also got a sample I requested, a razor to try. They actually sent me a whole package, with 4 reserve blades. That's got to be at least $6!! Cool and free!

Last. This past weekend, among other things, I went to see Elizabethtown. Although the critics seem to have hated it, I enjoyed it. It was interesting to intersperse such highs and lows together - death, falling in love, discovery - and I loved the road-trip at the end. Honestly, I didn't expect the ending that they gave us, but was certainly fine with it - although I would have been ok with what I expected as well. Anyway, I'd reccomend it. It's a good date movie, as it is not a chick-flick and will appeal to both sexes.

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