Thursday, October 13, 2005

Mr. Smartypants

My life has been made easier, and it is all Matt's fault. :)

Up until now, there has been one computer in this house... mine. It is in my room, and has been hooked up to dial-up since I moved back home, 4 (four?!?) years ago. The 'ol Gateway served us well, but last year I was given a reconfigured computer which was better. But now it wasn't doing so great, so in comes my technical genious to save the day (and the fair maiden from having her room be grand central for internet access!). Anyway, he brought with him loads of computer stuff and now "my" computer is downstairs (and running much better)and there is a different-and-better one up here. Both are networked and both are using DSL. Oh, I could write a whole post on the joy of DSL alone! I could write quite a lengthy post on the virtues of knowing smart, technological people. Especially those who are also cute and sweet and wonderful, and give up an unexpected free evening to be driven crazy with my computer problems...

... and bring me a cool ladybug-mouse. Te amo, caro mio!

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