Sunday, October 30, 2005

good and not-so-good

I worked too many hours this week. I had to work the entire day on Friday (7:45-7:15) and it was long. Tooo long. And then yesterday I had to work 8:45-12:45, which included a drive down to Elmwood Park. Grr. Sometimes I think that this job is just not a good fit, and I am quite resentful at the fact that I was told that I would work every other Saturday, and the fact is that I get only one off a month. Which will coinside with performances for the show, so it won't even really be a day off.

Yesterday afternoon, however, I enjoyed the fall weather by spending time trying to go to resale shops in the area (all closed!) and visiting garage sales. In the evening, there was a halloweeen party to attend, and it was a great deal of fun. There were a bunch of friends there that I hadn't seen in months - and it was nice to catch up with them. It's funny - I don't think I've ever been invited to a costume party before! I went as a cheerleader - using my quite old cheerleading costume which strangely still fits.

I'm in a strangely contemplative state this morning and so I end with the the following musings - do you ever wish you could just leave your life and step out of it for a while, becoming someone different, or a better "self" or just someone annonymous? Would you like it there? Would you find it interesting for a while, and then want to go back? Would you never come back again, leaving "yourself" behind?

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