Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Do you ever wish you could get inside someone else's head and see what they are thinking? I do, even though it really is a double-edged sword... you could find out that they are thinking exactly what you suspected, or it could be something so completely different and surprising... and either of these could be good or bad. Some people are just harder to read! You think that you know where you stand with them and yet the little voice of doubt makes you panic and think otherwise. And then people sometimes just do things that so confuse you that you're just caught up in a tailspin of questioning and uncertainty. Grr! Frustrating! And finding myself in a whole labrynth of transition yet again doesn't make it any easier. I think my brain just goes into doubt-overdrive over everything, myself included.

I think I really just need some happiness. Anyone got any to spare?

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